Dear Racist Americans

I hope that this letter finds you comfortable and well in your racism. I would like to commend you on the vicious lies, beliefs that you hold most dear and then pass along to the next generation. I know the 4th of July is a special day for you.

A day that is wonderful for people who are of white decent, but those of us that are not, it is a day of the biggest liars, and lies ever to be documented. All men are created equal…bullshit

We would like to show our appreciation to you for the generosity that you have shown us.

We love you for the following:

We love how you trick the Native people of this land into believing you were their friend and then attempting to kill them all to get their land and engaging in systematic genocide based on the premise of “manifest destiny”.

We love how you provided them with such wonderful blankets for their long journey to their new lands

We love your good-hearted intentions to bring us to this country against our will because you cared about our economic well-being. The Middle- Passage will forever be in recorded history as one of the most entertaining cruises one could ever undertake, especially if you lived through it.

We also love your excellent care used to transport us over with the wonderful food and luxurious accommodations on those wonderful boats.

We love your raping us by removing our cultural identify, and renaming us with foreign names so we can fit into this society.

We love that you spent so much money making sure our living quarters are top of the line.

We love how you care for our souls by forcing us to believe in your white skinned, blue eye god.

We love you deep concerns for making sure our families spread throughout the land by taking our children away from us and placing them in new living quarters.

We love that you split from your own laws and formed your own country just for to keep us working

civil-warWe love that you fought your brothers for the right to own us as you see sit.







We love how you tricked us into believing if we fought for this country that we would get a fair chance in this society by being self-sustaining.

We love how you changed the laws so that we cannot compete with you economically


We love how your keep us in our own areas with your white knights with hoods

We love how you burn our churches to show us that we are worshiping incorrectly

We love how you find it appropriate to reward us for good work decades after the service has been provided or even at all.

We also would like to thank you for the following:

We thank you for erasing us from history

We thank you for creating the most wonderful justice system in the world.

We thank you for providing such just laws for everyone

We thank you for having friends of another race and not allowing them in your home.

We thank you for portraying us as crazy people on television

We thank you for showing your true colors on race on the world wide stage.

We thank you for robbing our culture of its men

We thank you for allowing us to raise your next generation of fools

We thank you for eliminating our right to vote

We thank you for pushing inferior leadership upon us

We thank you for excellently trained police force that kills with the first shot and a justice system to ensure they are not convicted of murder

We thank you for creating an atmosphere of fear and distrust when a person of color walks by you or ask innocently for help

We thank you for Displaying and support a symbol of racism, hate, ignorance, and inferior white supremacy.

In closing, the 4th of July is not a day of celebration, but a curse to those who have been stolen, raped, lied to, killed, and demoralized to this very day.  So Racist White America, please  enjoy it while you still can a hurricane is coming that your house of cards cannot withstand.

Signed, the New Majority aka Everyone ELSE