T.O.T.S. is an acronym which is flexible. In its truest form it means “Tired Of This Shit”, however for the pearl clutching populace, feel free to substitute “stuff” for the dreaded expletive that may lead to one’s knickers being twisted.
The beginnings of the TOTS experience takes root in a site aptly named with the following URL: www.dog-whistles.com


T.O.T.S. is being made manifest as a central hub to facilitate the organization and coordination of traditionally marginalized people. It is and will be the impetus to empower those who have been heretofore ignored and or harassed by the government, and found themselves on the wrong side of the corporations who according to SCOTUS are now “people”. T.O.T.S. will serve as a communications hub and voice of the new majority.

The new majority are people who deserve visibility and their voices to be heard.
This new majority is not concerned with exclusions or segmentations by gender race or sexual orientation. Their voices will BE the new majority.

TOTS core mission will be to provide access to FACTUAL CONTENT regarding matters of significance to the new majority. This will be amplified in advocating for solutions to the issues that are of import to the new majority and will also encourage those wanting to put forth solutions as well. It is impossible to substantively address real world issues and problems without having an understanding of what those things are.

Reliance upon traditional “main Stream Media aka corporate media” has continually proven to be an exercise in futility for those who truly need the information the most.
Many voices have been silenced by MSM who are fully capable of presenting issues topics and articles that are of import to the many in the ever present chase for the almighty dollar. Asking for a seat at their table and for the “pretty please can you tell our stories too” is past the expiration date and no longer a viable means of operation.
These systemic and fundamental issues have been ignored for far too long in this country and threaten to undermine the very fabric of existence.

The T.O.T.S. acronym will be found on the following:


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  • Relevant events, functions or causes that embrace the issues and causes of the new majority