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Ben Carson Announces 2016 Presidential Bid-‘It’s Time For The People To Rise Up’

140713-Ben-Carson-ftr So Ben Carson has officially thrown his hat into the Presidential clown car that is representing the GOP in the upcoming 2016 elections.  I am pretty sure the polling that he references about support for his candidacy are former patients of his. AT least the one’s who are not trying to get a refund. Pictured with his wife Candy…..ok you know that song is going through my head right now..

I wonder if they are going to make this their theme music?

Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, a Republican, launched his presidential campaign Monday by noting that he was proud he has never run for public office and arguing that politicians are ruining the country. Carson, who formed an exploratory committee in March, has appeal among conservative Republicans and was found to be the favored candidate among young…

Ok see now I have stripper poles and clear heeled shoes in my head….