White Lies Matter and are dangerous

People says that a little white lie here and there does no harm. A little white lie about this or that does not hurt anyone, but in fact it does. Little white lies bloom into warped ways of belief and thinking. America has always been built o lies and deception.

They are still doing it today with all the police killed People of Color and getting away with it. It is only when the tables are turned on the established racist system that change comes, but only enough to keep people quiet or docile. America’s lies are coming back on them and it is not good to stand up to a bully.

These white lies has molded this very society and plagues this society to this day. Your founding fathers are double talking idiots who stole the ideas from Native American to come up with the documents that are use today (Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and others).

Some examples of little white lies over the years:

Lies to the Native Americans and the results

  • We want to live in peace together – It ballooned into Manifest destiny and the attempted genocide of an enter people.
  • We want to integrate our culture – We see you as savages and will change you to Christianity so we can save souls.
  • We will relocate you – We will steal your land and put you on steel horses then reservations with blankets filled with disease
  • We want to help your children – We will to remove your children from their homes to place in good Christian white homes.
  • We want to help your society survive – We will make laws that will not allow you to make money. When you do make money, we will pass additional laws so they benefit The United States.
  •  We will sterilize your women without their knowledge so no more children can be produced. (AKA integration)

End Result: The Native American society has survived and foiled your efforts to eradicate them.

Lies to African Americans and the result:

  • We will give you freedom – The revolutionary war was won and African Americans were wiped out of the history books.
  • We will give you land for fighting for us – We will give you land that was taking from the Native Americans and give it to
  • We want to help your children – We will to remove your children from their homes to place in good Christian white homes.
  • We will help your society survive – The Civil War is won. We will free you but not give you the tools to make sure you are successful. We will also pass laws so you do not ever be successful (aka land, money, or opportunity).
  • We will stand by you – Civil War was won and African Americans were stripped of their lands they already owned or wanted (Rosewood)
  • We will protect you – Cops (former slave hunters) are to protect the African American community, but in reality, they to keep us in corral like animal. African Americans are also treated like animals (Killed for no reason – Traffic stops, talking back, and asking questions)

End Result: The African  American society has survived and foiled your efforts to eradicate them but continue to be killed by the government (Congress, Judicial System, and Law Enforcement) and the Media (Racist programs, stereotypical shows, and ignoring shows that show the New Majority in a good light) .

Lies to Asian Americans, Chinese Americans, Latin Americans, Mexican Americans

All of the lies above are applied to you as well. It has also flamed by the Media as actively promotes stereotypes, blatant ignorance for the new minority. It is also flamed by corporations who put money over product safety, customer satisfaction, and the environment. (ATT, Time Warner Cable, Duke Energy, and any other company who has shitty business models.



I have always been a person who had a problem with implied leadership. I have listened for years of how people of color (the new majority) should do this and do that, but we always had to compromise on everything that we do.

Implied leadership is making people believe that you are in a position of power or going to do the right thing for the majority and not themselves.  However, that is usually not the case because money gets involved and this weak implied leadership was happy to eat the Master’s table and enjoy the scraps that are given.

I read an article and a lawsuit against the “civil rights leaders, their affiliations, and other organizations) who claim to be the voice of the new majority but is in actuality its ass. These people and organizations have been around for years and yet have not had any true power.

They talk and talk shit just to make themselves feel important while distracting from the real issues. They are ignorant to the facts and follow up on issues. They are afraid to stand up to the wrong, then make a stand, and damn who in the new minority agrees with it.

They always want the limelight and have failed the people. They used to have a terrible bite that put fear into those who meant to do harm to the new majority, but not they have a mild toothless bite of dying animal trying to make their last stand. The real people who had power, and made real change have been assassinated by the government, racists, dumb asses, the media, and the traitors in their own ranks.

These people and organizations wand to keep the small implied power that they currently possess.  These are the same folks who hold onto old outdated ideas that are ineffective.  It is for show and nothing more because it will keep the new majority quiet until a new issues comes to light, then they show up.

Maybe a catchy phrase or a new quote will keep the real changes from being implemented. Waiting for the new minority to make changes for the new majority is an illusion at best.

Real Leadership is the following:


  • Real leadership is putting forth your own ideas and willing to stand up for them. No matter the views of a select power group.
  • Real leadership is not supporting outdated strategies or not keeping your people in line when things do not go according to design
  • Real leadership is having a pulse on all things going on around you and not sitting on your ass planning your next event.
  • Real leadership has heart, drive, and soul.
  • Real leadership is not about the hairstyle.
  • Real leadership reaches out for help and focusing that power in a way that will not be approved by all.
  • Real leadership s helping other by example and not another stupid speech or hand waving
  • Real leadership is thinking outside of the box.
  • Real leadership is not about doing what is popular but what is right.
  • Real leadership is not about what history is going to say about you but what you did to pass the torch along.
  • Real leadership is about positive change.

The modern leaders of the people of color have let us down in so many ways and it is time for a new generation to wipe away that old mentality and embrace a new mentality.  To face the truth and to pay people what is due to them and not bury then.

You want to see leadership? Look at the protests in this country. Look at the people in Ferguson, and various other places around this country if you want true leadership.