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Trump and Clinton take four out of five states but it ain’t over (ROUNDUP) Final Update

In the end, there was no formal knock out, even though both parties’ two front-runners largely prevailed. At this writing both Republican showman/businessman Donald Trump and Democrat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took four out of five states. But there are already rumblings in the GOP that it ain’t over yet (House Speaker Paul Ryan… Read more

Trump Loses Two Delegates Because Of Their Foreign-Sounding Names

 No Big Surprises Here

Two Trump delegates with foreign-sounding (i.e., Muslim) names failed to make the top three spots during last night’s Illinois primary, despite overwhelming Trump support in the districts they represented. The state has one of the most complex delegate allotment schemes in the country. Rather than receiving just one delegate per electoral district, the Illinois primary provides… Read more

EPA Chief: Flint Water Crisis Proves GOP Governance Is Literally Poisonous (VIDEO)


EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy calls out MI Republicans for causing Flint water crisis. “You can’t shortchange basic services to our people,” President Barack Obama declared when asked about the Flint water crisis. Yet that appears to be exactly what the state of Michigan’s GOP-run government did to the children of Flint. In her letter to the… Read more

Donald Trump’s Adviser Apologizes for Rape Comment

A lawyer and spokesman for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump apologized on Tuesday for remarks he made during an interview, when he claimed it is legal for a husband to rape his wife. Michael Cohen’s initial comment was in response to an article published Monday by the Daily Beast that mentioned decades-old allegations against Trump that… Read more