Loretta Lynch Sworn In As First African American Woman Attorney General, First To Hold Position

Attorney General Loretta Lynch

(Photo : Mark Wilson Getty Images News) January 28, 2015
Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Testifies At Senate…
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By:Mark Wilson
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Despite bipartisan bickering on the Senate floor, Loretta Lynch was confirmed as the 83rd attorney general by the US Senate.

The moment will be etched in history as a the first time an African American woman will hold the position. Loretta Lynch, US Attorney General was sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden on Monday.

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After Loretta Lynch’s swearing ceremony, VP Biden, who is a potential Democratic candidate for the 2016 presidency vote, said that it’s about time that Lynch became attorney general.

The newly appointed Attorney General is also the second woman and the 83rd appointment to the post.

The objections from the Republicans were from Lynch’s support of an immigration issue favored by President Barack Obama -“support of the president’s use of executive action on immigration policies.”

The move backed by the President would allow undocumented immigrants to undergo deferred deportation. But the President exchanged harsh comments with the Republicans until the consent finally came.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) was one of those who voted to confirm Loretta Lynch in a tight 56-43 votes vote that just edged a landmark nomination by President Obama to go through in the Senate.

In a press release Senator Johnson explained why he voted for Loretta Lynch:

“Ms. Lynch has extensive experience both as a private practitioner and as a U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York. According to all reports and evidence, she has performed her duties in those positions capably and in a professional manner.”

“Although I share the concerns many of my colleagues have expressed over portions of her testimony during confirmation hearings, elections matter and the president has the right to select members of his cabinet. As a result, I voted to confirm Ms. Lynch as attorney general.”

Lynch was quoted in a report as saying, “It would be an understatement to say my heart is full, but it is.”

“If a little girl from North Carolina who used to tell her grandfather in the fields to lift her up on the back of his mule … ‘way up high, granddaddy,’ can grow up to become the Attorney General of the United States of America,” she said, “We can do anything,” Lynch said in her speech.

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