Michelle Bachmann Is Right – Stop The Presses

Michelle Bachmann is correct…
As with regards to the backward assed direction a certain party  of this nation has taken,  she fits right  in with the Palins, Romneys, and another morons that are related.
Relative to  her saying that the apocalypse is being caused by Obama, I agree. I agree with it 100% because not only is it accurate but factual also.
Now let’s look at the term apocalypse and how it’s used.

Firstly: In Greek, apocalypse means “a disclosure of knowledge” and in other texts it means “an event involving complete destruction or damage on an awe-inspiring or devastating scale”.

Obama has:

  • Held individuals liable due to their behind the scene activities
  • Opened and implemented a way for millions to have the rights here in this country
  • Disclosed the deeply rooted racist attitudes of the brand new minority leadership throughout the nation
  • Opened a new manner of conducting and thinking of oneself
  • Released the embedded stupidity and racism in this government

Second – an occasion entailing damage or complete destruction on an awe-inspiring or devastating scale:

Obama has:

  • Destroyed the notion that America has to do it alone
  • As it relates to international relations and thoughts destroyed the aged mindset of the newest minority
  • Ruined the perception of the brand new bulk by the minority that was brand new by revealing the capacity to go around a difficulty vs standing and waiting for it to go away
  • Ruined a single minded brains of the government as to “we’re a post racial society”


michelle_bachmanA person  of her limited intellect and her use of institutionalizing fear to reach and stir up her target audience  and those that share those goals unintentionally  for one moment possessed a glimmer of deep profundity although I am sure she  didn’t comprehend doing so. I also doubt her spell checker goes up that high