Byron Allen Brings Discrimination Suit Against Time Warner & Comcast

So there is a lawsuit afoot that is seeking to bring to light something that has been going on for years and has been swept under the rug by those who claim to fight injustice. The suit being brought by Byron Allen on behalf of his media company Entertainment Studios, is suing Time Warner and Comcast and also names Al Sharpton, the NAACP and The National Urban League. The suit is being brought as a discrimination claim and is naming Al Sharpton, NAACP and others as co-conspirators in that they received monies from Time Warner and Comcast to “maintain” the current structure which does not allow for a 100% minority owned and run organization to get picked up by the major cable operators and in effect shuts them out from broadcasting primarily.

The suit basically contends that no matter what stipulations put to them by Comcast and Time Warner they complied and were still denied access. They also contend that there was an i ndustry practice established that paid certain individuals and their organizations monies in the attempt to illustrate diversity which in reality never materialized in allowing for truly minority run entities to access and have carriage on the cable franchises.

This will be an interesting fight in that those that should be fighting have been named as being in collusion with the cable companies. Money has been changing hands and always does in cases like this. Selling out folks is as old as the bible. Just ask Judas…


In the meantime you can read the actual complaint here