What To The Slave Is The 4th of July ?

Today is a day that many will be out celebrating via cookouts and outside social events. The Day of Independence for a country that has so much to atone for.  Taking nothing away at all from all the brave men and women who gave their lives fighting for the freedoms that this country is supposed to stand for. We recognize and never forget their ultimate sacrifice nor the sacrifices made by the families of our veterans. They paid the ultimate price. All gave some, Some gave all. So in thinking about the birthday of the United States from the perspective of a person of color or a minority, especially in the wake of a resurgence of racism and hate crimes against people of color. It is hard to find much to celebrate on this day. We are far from the freedoms that the founding fathers tried to convey and conceptualize in the documents that created this United States of America. One person has conveyed what many felt back when he first made this speech, and what many are feeling today.  The words spoken over a hundred years ago could have been written and spoken today not much has changed.

Frederick Douglas’s speech What To The Slave is The 4th of July asks questions that to this day still go unanswered.  Thanks to DemocracyNow for putting this together.